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Free Poppy Making Workshop

Take part in creating a ‘field of Poppies’ these school holidays at The Rocks Discovery Museum. Video and templates available here.

DATE: 15 Apr 2024 - 26 Apr 2024

Activities on both weekends of the School Holidays

15-19 April and 22-26 April, 11am-1pm
***excluding 25th April******

These school holidays your family can explore the museum and take part in a poppy making workshop to honour the ANZAC’s.

Participants will:
- Learn about the use of the red poppy to commemorate ANZAC Day and other days or remembrance for our soldiers.
- Learn the history and heritage of the area.
- Commemorate Australian servicemen and women and their contribution to Australia.

Once finished, your poppy can be displayed at the commemorative display.

You can also participate in the school holiday activity at home using the RDM Poppy Template or the RDM Waratah Template.
Scroll down to find out more.


How to Make a Poppy

Watch the below video and make a Poppy with Kathryn and Jarmarni or come in to The Rocks Discovery Museum and make one with us.

What you will need

  • Poppy template + printer
  • Colored cardboard, (1 page)
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print Template pages 1-2 on both sides, coloured paper/cardboard, Red.
  2. Cut out your poppy head (A) in bright red.
  3. Cut out centre of poppy (B) and cut along white fine
    lines. Once finished, bend up.
  4. Attach poppy head to a green pipe cleaner through
    centre of poppy (B).
  5. Cut out small centre of poppy (C) and glue in place
    on top.
  6. Done! If desired you can add some personal touches, i.e pipe cleaner leaves, curled petals, and more.

How to make a Waradah

The Waradah is the Gadigal name of the waratah flower. The early colonists referred to this flower as the ‘sceptre flower’ due to is resemblance to a sceptre used by Royal Monarchs and leaders.
The name, waratah, derives from the Gadigal language, waradah, when said in the Gadigal phonetics, sounds like: war-ret-tah. English pronunciations produce English phonetics or sounds.

The waradah was a valuable resource for the Gadigal people providing them with a sweet nectar, relished by all.It has also been suggested that the waradah was used by the Gadigal people when dealing with ‘Sorry Business’ (death/burial of a person).

Watch the below video to make a Waradah with Jarmarni or come in to The Rocks Discovery Museum and make one with us.

What you will need

  • Waratah template + printer
  • Colored thick paper (6 pages)
  • Scissors
  • Glue/glue stick or adhesive dots


  1. Print Template pages 1-6 one sided, coloured paper/cardboard, Red or dark shades of Pink are preferred.
  2. Cut out base layers (page 6 - bottom petal layer), 3 x petals and glue at centre (circle area) beginning with the largest centre (circle) area, overlapping.
  3. Cut out Layer 1 (2 x rounds of petals), bend petals upwards and glue at centre (circle area), overlapping 2 x rounds of petals.
  4. Repeat this process for Layers 2 – 5.
  5. Fan out flower.
  6. Done! If desired, add black dots/tips to the two inside layers of your petal rounds for more realistic look.
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