Reconciliation Action Plan

We would like to acknowledge the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation and their Elders’ as the Traditional Custodians of this area.

As Tallowalodah (The Rocks) and Tumbalong (Darling Harbour) precincts’ custodians, Place Management NSW recognises that it stands on Aboriginal land, the area we know as Sydney.

As the custodians of these iconic precincts, we have a responsibility to preserve their history and heritage for future generations. We recognise that not only are these places precious to us, they are precious to many. In them, we value the past, celebrate the present and create the future.

Everyone in our community is an integral part of our present and future: our partners, our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and our teams. Together, we can shape a vibrant and sustainable future we can all be proud of; a future that allows all Australians to walk together in the true spirit of Reconciliation.

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Reconciliation smoking ceremony

Bangawarra Nura – Story of creation

In the beginning from the creation time Gurugal (Long Ago) there existed only Minak (Darkness).

Biami/Dharamulan the great creator gathered his Dulumarh (Magic) from the 4 directions of the Garrayura (Sky World) and from the dust of Birrung (The Stars) he Bangawarra (made/crafted) the Warawal (Milky Way – Universe).

Biami/Dharamulan Dulumarh and created a Marri Guwiyang (Great Fire) to light up the darkness and Gili (Shine) throughout the world. In this way he created the Bad (Water), Giba (Rocks), Djaramada (Plants) and Guwara (Wind). As Biami/Dharamulan gave life to the world he spun his creations around the Marri Guwing and carved the songlines into the Bebul (Land) and Garrigarang Nura (Saltwater Country).

In the Garrigarang Nura (Saltwater Country), he created the Ancestor beings known as Gawura (Whale), Guruwin (Shark), Wulumay (Snapper), Waradah (Waratah) and many plants and animals that exist within Gadigal Cosmology and kinship system we call Moodjingal.

Today the Gadigal, Eora, Darug, Gwegal, Dharrawal and many clan groups follow the teachings given to us by Biami/Dharamulan and maintain the cultural practices that we continue to practice on Nura (Country).
Nadeena Dixon

Nadeena Dixon
Nadeena Dixon
Story of creation
Story of creation

The Artist’s Story

Nadeena Dixon is a multi-disciplinary Gadigal, Wiradjuri and Yuin Artist. Nadeena was born in Sydney in 1969 on her ancestral country and has extensive training and skills in Western and Indigenous Art Practice.

Her practice encompasses Print Making and Multi-Platform Production including Photography, Animation, Video, Editing, Sound and Webpage Design and Integration.

Nadeena is recognised as a Master Weaver in Indigenous Cultural traditions and is engaged with ongoing revitalisation of traditional cultural practices, supporting young and emerging artists to develop core skills.Her cultural practices include dance, song, language, song writing, contemporary theatre storytelling and contemporary ceremony. Nadeena is an experienced guitarist, singer and performance Artist. Nadeena is a Facebook International Artist Alumni, being the first Aboriginal Artist in Residency with the Facebook AIR Program. In 2019 Nadeena was commissioned to design and paint a 9-metre internal wall at Facebook’s Sydney branch, Barangaroo Towers.

Nadeena has a Postgraduate Degree in Indigenous Arts Management. (University of Melbourne) and a Master of Fine Arts (UNSW).