Argyle Bridge

Cumberland St
The Rocks, NSW 2000

The original Argyle Bridges were built for Gloucester St in 1862, Cumberland St in 1864 and Princes St in 1867-68. The Princes St Bridge was demolished as part of the Harbour Bridge construction. The inscription from the Princes St Bridge identifying Charles Moore is now relocated on the south wall of the Argyle Cut.

The site includes the 1911 road bridge at Cumberland Street, abutments to the bridge with small obelisk shaped pylons on either side of the road (at the north and south approaches to the bridge), and intact original light fittings. The parapet of the part of the bridge directly over Argyle Street was replaced in the 1950s. The original parapet of the bridge can still be seen to the south of the southern abutments.

Argyle Bridge, Cumberland Street 1970
Argyle Bridge, Cumberland Street 1970

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